Coloring your hair unit

  1. Hair should be dry before adding color

  2. Comb the system out so that the comb goes through easily

  3. Mix one part of color to two parts activator

  4. Start your timer

  5. Apply color to the back of the unit first and work to the front

  6. Leave color in for four minutes only to start. If you need the unit darker, dry and reapply color. There is no exact formula and each time you color it might be a different time. Don't let the color get to bleached out. You should color about every six weeks. Four to five minutes should to the job.

  7. Don't color with color that is same color as the hair system. It will add red each time you color.We have a Drabber that is made for coloring hair units. Call: 800 977 9447
    or use the order form

  8. Comb through the hair continuously for the complete four minutes. Make sure that all hair is covered with solution. Turn the comb over and press the solution into the base. Rinse . Make sure that you clean the base. Condition with fibertec Conditioner. Spray with two pumps of the sprayer only. Attach and comb. Let hair dry naturally.